4:00pm: Women’s Wine Tasting Group

For the inaugural Women’s Wine Tasting Group organized by Cristy Corcoran of Café Europa we celebrated women winemakers. Of course, I had to bring Filipa Pato. I would have done the Post Quercas but didn’t think there would be enough in the 500 ml bottle to go around. I suppose I could have brought 2. But I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

A great group of women to be sitting around drinking wine with and sharing stories. In addition to Cristy and myself there was Debrah Hansen of Taberna, Jan Novak from Il Capriccio in Waltham, and Mary Taylor from Salt & Olive who brought us all a tiny bottle of aged balsamic.  We tasted a couple of outrageously good El Mastero Sierra sherries (Taberna is known for its sherry list), a 2013 Bindi Sergardi Chianti Classico Reserva Calidonia and a 2011 E. Pira and Figli Chaira Boschis Barolo Cannubi (yay!) as well as the Filipa Pato. Thank you to the Wine Emporium for letting us use their tasting room.

6:30 pm: Stoked

The tasting group wrapped and no way am I sitting in 6 o’clock traffic so I swing up to another one of my favorite spots, Stoked in Washington Square, Brookline. One Margharita pizza for here, one to go and a glass of Elio Perrone ‘Tasmorcan’ to wash it down. Oh yeah.

Filipa Pato Tinto $16 / 750 ml
Elio Perrone ‘Tasmorcan’ $19 / 750 ml
El Mastero Sierra Fino $19 / 375 ml
El Mastero Sierra Amontillado $19 / 375 ml