Ginger. Pear. Cinnamon. Should I go on? These flavors just scream, “HI IT’S FALL!” The crispness to the air has arrived, and with that we need to kick our autumn cocktail making into high gear. So why not start by spicing up a trendy cocktail? Folks, let me introduce you to the spiced pear Moscow mule.

One of my favorite restaurants makes a spiced sangria during the fall. A little over a year ago I learned how to make the spiced pear vodka and spiced simple syrup that goes into the drink. Every time I make it, I end up with extra spiced pear vodka and simple syrup, so my brain started churning…what else can I make with these two items? Don’t stress out thinking, where am I going to get spiced pear vodka and spiced simple syrup? I’m going to give you the recipe for those. It’s a little more time consuming than just buying it, but the result is worth is. You are just going to have to work a little for this delicious concoction.

One of my favorite items we have in the store is a pre-prohibition style ginger beer called Ginger Libation. So after a little research, I figured this would make an excellent addition to the spiced pear vodka and simple syrup. 

A traditional Moscow mule combines vodka with lime juice and spicy ginger beer, garnished with lime and mint. So I swapped out the regular vodka for the spiced pear version, plus added a little of the simple syrup. I kept the lime juice, and topped the combination off with the Ginger Libation. The result was a perfectly boozy fall cocktail that took the chill out of my bones and gave me a nice use for my leftover sangria ingredients.

Usually a Moscow mule is served in a copper mug because the metal helps keep the beverage cool, plus some say that the copper enhances the flavor of the citrus and the ginger beer. I happen to have one copper mug, so I served myself my drink in the mug, but gave my husband A.K.A. drink test subject his in highball glass. I tried a sip of each, both tasted fresh & delicious, so if you don’t have a copper mug don’t go nuts trying to get one.

So let’s recap – a boozy, perfectly combined fall flavor beverage to whip up as the temps drop and the leaves morph into glorious, fiery hues. Sounds like perfection to me! Happy drink making my friends.

Spiced Pear Moscow Mule

2 oz Spiced pear vodka

1.5 oz Spiced simple syrup

1 oz Lime juice

4 oz Ginger Libation ginger beer

Cinnamon stick & pear slice for garnish

Combine the spiced pear vodka, spiced simple syrup, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill to the top of the liquid with ice. Shake for 15 seconds.

Pour contents of shaker into a copper mug or highball glass filled with ice. Top with the ginger libation. Garnish with the cinnamon stick and pear slice.
Drink in the crisp autumn air while gazing at the foliage. Cheers.

Spiced pear vodka recipe:

Combine 750ml bottle of your preferred vodka with 1 Anjou pear diced small, 1 whole nutmeg, 1 cinnamon stick, and 5 all spice berries. Let soak for 3 days. Strain out pear and spices.

Spiced simple syrup recipe:

In a saucepan over high heat combine 2 cups of brown sugar, 2 cups of water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 cracked nutmeg, and 10 allspice berries. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer about 10 minutes. Let cool and strain out the spices into a container