Carol King, Wine Director, General ManagerCAROL KING, FWS
Wine Director, General Manager

Formerly an art director, I dove into the food and wine industry with the same level of interest and engagement that I did when I worked as an artist. My passion for cooking led me to the insane decision to take a job in a private club where I took over, among other things, the food and beverage program. In the winters for fun I worked as a line cook with a wild Italian chef. I have a level IV Wine Studies Certification from Boston University, am a French Wine Scholar and am currently working toward my Italian Wine Scholar certification. I spent some time living in Rome which cemented my passion for all things Italian. I also spent part of 2010 teaching at a school in a small village at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, though my Italian is much better than my Swahili. I joined the staff at Porter Square Wine & Spirits in 2016 to help elevate the vibe. I love pouring wine in the store and turning customers on to new things.

Beer & Spirits Buyer, Assistant General Manager
In 2008, only a few millennia after the dawn of man, an oracle spoke of a towering being with beer knowledge beyond measure. He appeared among the mists of a frost-bitten morning and with a steady hand he curated the most extraordinary ales, the purest of lagers, and the imponderable depths of the darkest barleywines. Through countless years of prosperity and hardship, toil and sacrifice, he tended the halls of legend and carved his name upon the stone. Thousands made the pilgrimage to behold his presence and seek the answer to that unconquerable question that has plagued man since the earliest ape learned to walk on two legs: “Do you guys sell Natty Ice?”

Assistant Manager
“This whiskey tastes like somebody ran over a leather jacket with a well-used lawnmower.” Clearly he is not a poet, but he does know his way around the liquor. After five years of drinking his way down the rabbit hole, he has gained a great appreciation for all kinds of beer and high proof spirits. If you want to know about top-shelf scotch, bottom-shelf bourbon, mid-shelf mezcal, and all shelves of cognac, armagnac, calvados, gin, tequila, aged rum, carrot brandy, lamb-flavored mezcal, baijiu, soju, or bek se ju, this is the man to seek. No, the beard is not real.

Customer Service