As we enter the tail end of summer, we need a new and refreshing way to cool down our bodies on these scorching days. How about we try another beer cocktail? This one takes the ever popular bitter liqueur Campari and combines it with an IPA to give you a thirst quenching cocktail you won’t be able to stop making…or drinking!

Cold in the Shadows is made up of Campari, lime juice, honey syrup or simple syrup, raspberry liqueur, and an IPA beer. This drink was made popular by Pamela Wiznitzer of Seamstress in New York. She knew that while Campari and beer sound like an odd combination, that they could and would work well together. If you are curious about the honey syrup, it’s just watered down honey. You can make it by mixing two parts honey and one part hot water.

If you aren’t familiar with Campari, it’s an Italian Apertif which has a bitter herbal flavor. It’s very often enjoyed in a spritz before or after a meal. In this drink, it compliments the other flavors to create a slightly bitter yet tasty drink. One of the other stars of this cocktail is St. George’s Raspberry Liqueur. The sweet yet subtle flavoring added to this cocktail gives the drink some balance to offset the bitter.

As usual, I like to make the drinks a few times just to play around with the recipe. The first version I used Lawsons Sip of Sunshine for the beer.  For my second try, I used Bells Two-Hearted Ale. Third time around I used a local beer from Lamplighter, Bunnies. I never did get to try it with the honey syrup, I used just plain old simple syrup.

Of the 3 variations (which all were good), I think I liked the version with Bell’s Two-Hearted the most. The bitterness of the beer combined well with the Campari and other ingredients really gave it a nice flavor and balance to the mix. As always, we encourage you to try making this yourself a variety of ways! Experimenting is fun!

Cold in the Shadows

1 oz Campari

1 oz Lime juice

1/2 oz honey syrup or simple syrup

1/2oz St. George’s Raspberry Liqueur

1 1/2 oz IPA beer

Garnish: orange and lime slices

In a cocktail shaker, combine the Campari, lime juice, syrup, and raspberry liqueur. Whip or shake it a few times and then add the beer to the mix.

Fill a highball glass with ice (they suggest crushed ice). Strain the drink into the glass. I topped it off with a little more of the IPA as a floater. Garnish with orange and lime. Drink in the warm sun.


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