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Just vermouth

Maybe you’ve been hearing some buzz about vermouth. Maybe you order your martinis extra dry. Maybe you don’t even drink martinis. Or even THINK about martinis OR vermouth. That’s okay. We’re from the beverage business and we’re here to help.

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Boston Sommeliers in Greece

Ten days in Greece with a badass group of Boston sommeliers hanging out with some of the most talented winemakers in the country was a life changing experience and a much needed reboot after being trapped in New England for two years. Also, there are so many ghosts here. They say we are just living wrong.

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A Winter Paloma

I guess we need to face the facts, winter is here. We’ve been lucky this fall with some pretty mild weather. However the gusty winds & frigid temperature drop have slapped us hard to wake us up. Time to start thinking about cocktails that will make us feel all toasty as we welcome the winter wonderland that’s upon us.

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