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Russian Bread Wine, et al.

Posted on May 16, 2018 by

The store has been busy the last couple of weeks with the Spring semester ending. Aside from selling lots of cold beer we’ve been supplying the neighborhood with moving boxes. A couple of new items to blow your mind: Polugar, the father of modern vodka infused with Caraway or Garlic & Pepper. Just ’cause. Boris Rodionov, a renowned academic and vodka historian makes this traditional ancient spirit from an original 18th century recipe. Also note Taconic Distilery Straight Rye Whiskey aged in Madeira casks.

On the wine side, Spring tasting season has come to an end and we’ve brought in a number of new bottles from Valle’ d’Aosta, Alto-Adige, Burgundy and some smaller US producers among others. Also, just back from a Tuscan tour. We’ll be tasting some of those wines in the store over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the tasting schedule.