My favorite way to make a party stand out is with the drink offerings. I’ve done my fair share of mixing chocolate martinis which can really tie you up as a host or making infusions. But lately I’ve been gushing over vermouth and have been going through bottles of this Acha Blanco.

Anyone coming to my house for dinner knows they are going to be a little spoiled and likely exposed to new things. Most people really don’t understand vermouth and think it’s just an add in for a martini that most people pass up. So not true. Historically, vermouth’s are sipping wines served as aperitif’s to help prepare the digestive system for a big meal. I love this approach for it’s tradition and the way serving various drinks can break up an evening. It also has the added benefit of easing your guests into the evening with a low alcohol cocktail so everyone is not hammered by the time they sit down to eat.

While traditionally made in Italy and France, Spain has been quietly developing their vermouths over the last 100 years or so and have some great offerings. One of my faves is Distilerías Acha Blanco. Acha is located in the Basque region about 50km from the sea and is known for making the traditional Basque after dinner drink, Pacharán as well as other spirit and liqueurs.

The Blanco vermouth is made from a blend of neutral wine macerated with traditional botanicals including wormwood, gentian and bitter orange. It has a floral nose and a succulent palate with a slight sweetness. I serve it over ice with a slice of lemon but it will also mix beautifully into a cocktail.

Distilerías Acha Blanco Vermouth
$19 / 750 ml