Ahhhh January….the time of year when liquor stores go from being mobbed at the holidays to completely DEAD in the new year. Happy 2021 by the way!

So yes we know it’s a new year and people make resolutions, practicing dry January, all that jazz. So we’ve adapted here at PSW&S to offer you a fun way to have a cocktail without the booze, but it will still take the edge off the day a little.

How are we going to do that you ask? By giving you the recipe for an Otto’s CBD cider cocktail. Otto’s CBD cider is from Mirth Provisions. They perfected a cider by adding just the right amount of hemp CBD, and it comes in three flavors: Hopped apple, pear rhubarb, and pineapple passion. All of them are great on their own, but with a few added ingredients it will give you the placebo effect of a cocktail to help get your through the dry month.

I did some searching online and found a restaurant that created a mocktail with Otto’s and based my version on that. I used the pear rhubarb flavor and combined it with some ruby red grapefruit juice, orange bitters, fresh strawberries and sage leaves for a garnish. The result? A nice little way to unwind from the workday and the best part? No hangover!

So if you are on the dry January train, give this mocktail a try. We carry all three flavors here at the store, so swing by if you want to give them a try! They are in our ready to drink soda fridge and retail at $4.95 plus deposit. Cheers to a new year friends!

Otto’s CBD Cider Dry January Mocktail

-1 bottle of Otto’s CBD cider, pear rhubarb flavor.

-Juice from 1 ruby red grapefruit, fresh squeezed

-3 dashes of Angostura orange bitters

-4-5 sliced strawberries

-4 sage leaves for garnish

Take the Otto’s CBD cider and add to a cocktail shaker. Add ice to top of cider.

Add 3 dashes of orange bitters and juice from the ruby red grapefruit. Give the liquid a good stir.

Split liquid between two wine glasses or cocktail glasses filled with ice. Add in strawberry slices.

Take a sage leaf & slap it in the palm of your hand (it helps release the scent of the sage). Place on top of the drink for the garnish. You can also add a strawberry to the rim of the glass for garnish if desired. Enjoy without any guilt! Cheers.